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Friday, June 8, 2007

Congrats, class of 2007!

~CHS 2007~

Last night I had the distinct pleasure of witnessing the commencement ceremony for Clovis High's class of 2007. It's the class DD#1 *would have been in* had she not decided to graduate last year, so it wasn't sentimental per se. Still, friends were graduating and it was nice to go and watch.

For the record, I would to remind people that when you are a part of an audience - ANY audience, it is considered rude to talk during the proceedings. Why am I continually amazed at the rudeness of society? Even my children know that when a show or speaker begins, that is the time for the audience to SHUT UP.

Again, congratulations new grads. You've worked hard to get to this point. Enjoy your moment in the spotlight...then update your resumes, register for college, and welcome to the adult world!

1 comment:

KaySimpson said...

Oh my...the graduation ceremony you attended sounds just like the one I attended...oh, wait, it was the same one. lol We had the identical experience. Don't know why they can only be polite when it's their family member being lauded. shucks.