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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Marathon, part 2

It's a sad thing to have your husband complete a marathon and walk away without ONE picture of the event. Somehow things got too busy in the volunteer area and ... well ... I have no pictures of Hubby at the finish line. In fact, the camera didn't even come out of its case the entire weekend. I do have a few pictures on my cell phone but, oddly enough, these are of scenery around San Diego. So much for that. Hubby's official marathon time was 4 hours 16 minutes. He was disappointed, as he had hoped to finish in under 4 hours. He still had a good race and recovered pretty quickly, then took my volunteer t-shirt and proceeded to help volunteer at the finish line for the next few hours. Recycle fanatic that he is, he even filled two huge trash bags with empty plastic water bottles from the finish line and hauled them home. His idea for next year is to take the kids and gather ALL of the bottles left behind. With 20,000 runners, each having 1-3 bottles, there is approximately a $2000 profit to be made during this weekend. The money is an aside; keeping that many bottles out of the landfill would be the best payoff. Yes, we're freaks.

The weekend was nice in spite of no pictures. I highly recommend where we had the best seafood of the weekend. We returned home to a house that was still standing, kids that were still alive and well, and even our plants were still alive, so really, who can complain? :o)

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