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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Rejection .. feels good!

Now that Paris is out of the way, I can blog about more important things. HA

Yesterday was the day. It arrived before noon. What, you ask? My 3rd annual REJECTION letter from Fresno City College. Yes, the thin envelope (easily recognizable by now!) was a token to inform me that I was not selected to be in the Fall 2007 Radiology Tech program. Now, I will admit that the first year (2005) I got rejected, I teared up - I honestly was disappointed. Year 2 brought a shrug. Year 3 brought a "Yippeee!" Because the rejection isn't a personal rejection, it's easy to swallow. Over 200 names are thrown in a hat and we all have the same chance to be drawn for 26 positions. Those aren't great odds. I still have an interest in the radiology field, but that is not what God has in mind for me right now. It's really hard to argue with Him. Instead, I have a peace like no other. I didn't feel like this was the right time for college, and God confirmed it. I am thankful for yesterday's thin envelope.

I have some other directions I want to pursue for now and will be praying about them and seeing where HE wants me.

Have a nice Thursday.

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OC Mom said...

Cheryl, I'm so sorry! But I'm glad you are thankful for it, so I'll be thankful with you!