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Thursday, June 7, 2007

Give me a break.

It's 7:38am and I have driven 3 kids to school in 2 different trips, made a grocery run, and have just had the chance to skim over the internet news for the morning. My life would seem complete, but now it is even more so - Paris Hilton is free.

Paris' Jail Life Canceled
Paris Hilton is a free woman.
The hotel heiress formerly known as inmate 9818783 made an early exit from the Century Regional Detention Facility Thursday after serving just three of the 45 days to which she was originally sentenced.
The Los Angeles Sheriff's Department said it would hold a news conference later in the day to discuss the circumstances leading to Hilton's release.
Hilton entered the Lynwood, California facility on Sunday, just hours after making a red carpet appearance at the MTV Movie Awards.
Members of her family and her attorney claimed she was "doing well" during her brief sojourn behind bars.
Undoubtedly, she's doing even better now that she's back on the streets.
Hilton's early release came as news to her sister, Nicky, who was telling friends Wednesday night that she planned to visit her incarcerated sibling over the weekend, according to E! Online senior editor Marc Malkin.
The Simple Life star was handed her 45-day sentence for violating her probation on an alcohol-related driving charge on May 4.
Though the judge initially said Hilton could expect to serve her full sentence, with no provisions for house arrest or monitoring bracelet options, it was later sliced in half due to overcrowded jail conditions and a California statute that grants credit for good behavior.
That bisected sentence was in turn cut short by an estimated 20 days.
Breaking news. More to come.

Goodness knows I spent many a sleepless night this week, wondering how the poor waif was faring in her jail cell. Puh-leeeeeze. FIRST she was surprised because a judge was actually going to punish her for driving without a license ~and drunk~. She seemed to think she shouldn't have to pay for her crime. I feel certain if I get pulled over for DUI and I have a suspended license, I would be taken to jail then and there. Good thing I don't drink! LOL SECONDLY, Ms. Hilton already had half of her 45-day sentence dropped. AND NOW THIS ... she is free. As the news article stated: "Breaking news - more to come." I know I shall be on the edge of my chair all day...NOT.

8:02am update - Paris was apparently sent to house arrest because of "a medical condition." What? The D.T.'s?

Give me a break.

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