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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Cowardly. Mean. Brazen.

My title indicates just a few of the words that I have for the cowardly, mean, brazen THIEVES who came into our backyard and stole DD#3 & DD#4's bicycles within the last two weeks.

I wonder who these cowards are. I'm guessing kids, as few adults have need for 24" bikes.

I wonder if they know that DD#3 saved her own money and bought this particular bicycle herself. She was so proud of it.

I wonder if they had a more desperate need for these bikes than my daughters did.

I wonder if they were sleepless those first few nights. I hope so. I hope it's still on their minds.
I wonder if they realized the bikes were valued under $100 each. They left another, more expensive bike behind with a flat.

I don't hate much. But I hate the act of theft. A lot.

Meanwhile, I will pray for them. I pray the guilt weighs on their minds and they return the bikes. An apology would be nice, too, but having the bikes back would be even better.

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OC Mom said...

I'm sorry that happened to you. Time to lock the gate. :(