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Sunday, October 14, 2007

Sunday, Sunday

What a great day!!! Hubby had a meeting in the Bay Area, so DD#2 and I tagged along, having him drop us off at a BART station so we could ride into the city. (Now, hubby HATES the BART and he was convinced we wouldn't make our way back to our designated meeting station later that day.) Who knew kicking around San Francisco for only a few hours could be so much fun?! Driving 3 hours to have lunch here and do some shopping was absolutely worth it! DD#2 happened to be the only daughter with nothing else going on today...thus her luck in being my shopping buddy. She scored well - got a very cool James Dean shirt at the diner, then found an amazing purse at Forever 21. For me? Well, somehow my menu collection grew today. Nuff said. :o)

BART passes, $20
Lunch, $25
T-shirt and amazing handbag, $55

A day in the city with one of my four awesome daughters? Priceless.


OC Mom said...

What a great day! Next time hubby takes a trip to Southern California, be sure to tag along.

Hey, I was showing some friends your blog Friday night - I was in Fresno (on the way to the cabin) visiting with a friend and we had another friend over - and we had nothing better to do than look at my blog, which led to your blog, etc.

Anonymous said...

That pole vaulting was quite amazing!!!! WOW!!! You have a great blog, one used to call this a "diary"... LOL (back in the day, sharon)