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Friday, October 19, 2007

Oh come on...

Because I have nothing else to blog on and really just need to get busy with my new project, this will have to suffice:

I have to say I generally pay little attention to Entertainment 'news' (and note that I use the term 'news' VERY loosely) but a blip on the news this morning commented that Britney Spears had lost visitation rights to her boys. But wait, there's more. What caught my eye was that she ran over the foot of a photographer. For once, I have to say I'm on Britney's side Come on - aren't we all taught at a very young age that, guns aside, a vehicle is the most dangerous thing out there and it we should never approach a moving vehicle? Um, HELLOOOOO? She's driving (and we know she's not famous for her superb driving skills!) and you're in her way. Get out of the street if you don't want to be run over!!!

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Britney Spears is having a bad week. A day after she lost visitation rights to her two young sons, the pop star drove over the foot of a paparazzo on Thursday night while trying to navigate past the hordes of photographers who document her every move.

Spears was exiting a Beverly Hills parking garage in her white Mercedes convertible as flash bulbs popped. Video footage showed an unidentified photographer in a flak jacket falling to the ground as the car apparently rolled over his foot but he quickly got up. Spears appeared to start crying, according to photographers on the scene, but drove off as they ran after her.

Sheesh. Leave the girl alone.

On that, it's time to make some coffee and get to work!

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