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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The best meal yet...

After driving for 10 hours from AZ, hubby and I walked into the house yesterday to the smell of dinner cooking. Actually it was already cooked and was warming in the oven. Here I was expecting to arrive home to frozen chicken that I would have worked some weary magic on, but instead, four smiling daughters greeted us with a four course meal:

  • South of the border chicken (a yummy Spanish-style chicken & rice dish)
  • Ranch beans
  • Italian pasta salad
  • Canned peaches
The love that went into it more than makes up for the unusual pairings (we don't often have Mexican-Italian-BBQ combined!) and it was simply delicious...not to mention being able to skip the whole "I gotta cook dinner" part!

Thanks girls - y'all ROCK!!!

*More about the trip once I can upload pictures from the triathlon!*

1 comment:

OC Mom said...

That was really sweet. I'm going to show this post to my kids. :)