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Friday, September 17, 2010

Company Girl Coffee ~ 9/17/10

Welcome!  It's noon in California and I turned the coffee pot off awhile ago, in hopes of making a pitcher of iced coffee this afternoon.  It's the middle of September and our temps today are in the low 90's.  Perfect weather for an iced latte!  I am very sorry to say that the "Clean The Desk" project from last week still is not complete, though I admittedly used the vacuum hose and vacuumed some of the larger dust bunnies from the back of the desk.  Paper is my nemesis and it multiplies faster than rabbits.  It's maddening, though I have a pretty nice paper recycling pile growing behind me as I sift and toss.  Maybe there's hope for next week?

I've just launched something exciting (well, exciting to me!) - a new cooking blog!  I've been working on compiling a simple cookbook for my daughters, but have decided to put it on a blog for now.  It's just what it says it is:  Cooking 4 (the "for" was taken!) Newbies.  You will not find anything gourmet, but you will find some simple, budget-friendly recipes that will feed you a little better than boxed mac & cheese (no offense to the orange powdered cheese) and oriental noodles (delicious at times, but not every night!).  Stop by - the first recipe will be posted next week!

On that note, it's time to stop blogging and get back to work!  Have a blessed weekend!


Praying today for:  K; Kate McRae; L, whose father is ill.


Anonymous said...

How are you getting such weather over there? I haven't seen the sun all day! Hoping it'll come out for the zoo tomorrow.

Just take it a step at a time. I totally need to get rid of some paper around here.

Looking forward to the cooking blog! Your daughters will appreciate it, if not today, one day. =) Both my parents are great cooks but they never have measurements when they teach us. I need measurements. *sigh*

Lea said...

What a lovely blog! It's my first stop by and I so enjoyed my visit.

Yes, paper does multiply, as does my ironing. :o)

I made a cookbook for my two children about 8 years ago and it consisted of our family favorites and all were very simple. Once my friends heard I had done it, they all wanted a copy, so now it's in the hands of several folks. What a treasure for your girls.

A most blessed week-end!

Cindy Swanson said...

Ohhh! Both your blogs are gorgeous! I will definitely have to stop by the cooking blog...always looking for new recipes.

Anonymous said...

It is suppose to be 99* over here in Georgia...sigh. I'm so ready for cooler weather. Soon! I'm really looking forward to your new blog too. What a wonderful thing you're doing. I've been writing mine in a little book for my daughter. Have a wonderful weekend!

One More Equals Four said...

congrats on your new blog, how exciting! My family would be so excited just to have me cook something for them...maybe someday, after I go to the grocery store!

I can relate on the weather, 92 here today...boy am I ready for some fall weather!

Have a great weekend!

Tara J Monaghan said...

I love this blog. Going to be subscribing for sure

Well Done


LydiaCate said...

I have paper issues too. So I feel your pain.

Your new blog sounds great. I can't wait to check it out. New easy, healthier recipes are welcomed here for sure. We are on a super tight budget and sometimes I just run out of ideas.

I need your recipe for iced coffee. I've often wanted to attempt that. I did learn how to make latte's last year with leftover coffee. Right now iced is better :) at least until fall hits.

Have a blessed week~

J said...

Found your blog by accident. Love to cook and try out new things. Check out what I found to keep my energy up naturally.