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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hello? Anybody still out there?

Really, another couple of months and it would be a full year since I blogged last.  I'm not sure that's a record to be proud of.

Days, weeks, and months have been full.  Shortly after my last blog, our 19yo daughter became engaged and planned a June 2011 wedding.  Christmas morning, our 22yo daughter became engaged and is planning a September 2011 wedding.  I've been a mother in law for almost a month now.  I've got to say...I kinda like having an honorary son and look forward to the next one.  Both young men are very different, but are exactly what each daughter needs and wants in a spouse.  I look forward to continuing to build relationships with these guys - it's definitely different from raising daughters!

In April we were 'blessed' (not the word we used at the time) with a small kitchen leak...when the circa 1978 wood cabinets didn't dry out, we knew we had a problem.  Homeowner's insurance covered a full kitchen remodel, hence the BLESSING.  Truly this was from God - we would have not had the funds to do this on our own.  The down side was that it was about a 9 week process where we had NO KITCHEN.  As much as I love to eat out, even I grew tired of it (not to mention how hard it is on the budget and diet!).  Kitchen was finished today and I need to photograph and share.  Maybe later this week.

For now, my sole purpose in blogging today was to share something neat a dear friend of mine has been working on.  Jeanette is the type of friend who loves deeply.  She will stick with you through the good, bad, and the ugly, and will only love you all the more.  She and her husband, Joe, have 11 children.  Not a typo - ELEVEN.  Their #11 is named Daniel and he was born in their hearts and joined their family at about one week old.  In an effort to help offset adoption expenses, Jeanette has put together an e-book entitled, "Beekeeping Made Simple."  It is available at a very reasonable cost ($10) and truly does simplify beekeeping.  If you have ever been curious about such a hobby, YOU.NEED.THIS.E-BOOK!  I have it, have read through it twice, and it is an informative, basic, "real life" manual to get anyone started with beekeeping.  If you have no interest whatsoever in the book but would like to bless the Wood family, please feel free to share this information on your own blog, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

Blessings ~

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Anonymous said...

I'm still here!! Congrats and congrats!