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Friday, September 10, 2010

Company Girls Coffee ~ 9/10/10

For whatever reason, I can't get the Coffee graphic to paste in here today.  My first time blogging in 5 months and the graphic is rebelling.  Maybe I should have had my coffee FIRST!

Yesterday I had grand intentions.  My list included:  finish a work project, make dinner, and clean my desk.  Any guess which one didn't get finished?  Yup, the desk.  Here are my before and during pictures.  Maybe next week we'll have a finished picture!

As we go into the weekend and the 9th anniversary of such a tragic event for our country, the same day is also my husband's birthday.  While we will remember the lives lost on 9-11, we will also celebrate.  I refuse to allow a terrorist act to ruin my life.  God is in control and I will trust Him for my days!

Thanks for stopping by ... have a blessed weekend!


Praying today for:  Kate McRae (having an MRI today); a cyberfriend's father in the last stages of his life; a friend struggling in her marriage; a couple in deep financial trouble; my husband and daughter, both runners with plantar fascia pain that is keeping them from running.


Anonymous said...

I think I've found your problem. You need to drink the coffee, not paste it into your blog. ;)

Michelle said...

Hi Cheryl! So good to visit with you again during company girl coffee! I have yet to tackle my desk situation--my temporary solution is to use my husband's (where I'm sitting now) which is ALWAYS nicely organized (opposites attract, right?) Have a great weekend.~Michelle said...

a clean desk helps with everything else ;)

Rachel Anne said...

Tried to comment earlier...if you get two, just use the one you like better.

The coffee fault! Somehow two dots got put into the code and I have no idea how! (twilight zone music, please). Strange.

NICE DESK! I need to do some work in my office, which is, ironically, the messiest room in the house.

Happy Birthday to hubby!

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! I think you made the right choice in checking off 'make dinner' on your to-do list. I hope you ate it too...then you can live another day to clean the desk.

secondofwett said...

Hope you get the time to get the desk cleaned off! I finally tackled mine this would be nice to get even more cleaning done!

One More Equals Four said...

Good luck with the desk! I totally meant to clean off my bedside table today for my small thing...didn't happen, maybe someday! Have a great day tomorrow! Enjoy the celebration...I totally agree that you should not allow a terrorist to ruin the day for y'all! So sorry about your husband and daughter...I can feel their pain. I have been dealing with plantar fasciits for several months now. I can finally run again, but it is definitely not 100 % yet. Hope they feel better soon!

Danell said...

Good to have you back! I too have had a hard time juggling work, family, and blogging. You guessed it. The blogging always comes last as it should really. Anyways, I always ENJOY reading your thoughts. Keep it up!!