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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I do, I do, I do!

I love my husband.  I do!  Really - I do!  BUT I admit the words "OH NOOOO" were the first that went through my head when I heard the garage door open at 7:30 a.m.  That could only mean one thing:  He's taking a sick day.

Hubby has a cold.  A MAN cold.

He flew to Oklahoma a week ago and invariably catches something coming or going.  Not only is this a MAN cold, but it's an Oklahoma MAN cold.  Because he's a government employee, he had last Thursday off as a holiday.  He had previously arranged to take Friday off, making it a 5-day weekend (with yesterday's holiday).  His goal, when he arranged this weekend, was to work on the fountain/pond he's building in the front.  Instead, it's rained for a week and he has a MAN cold.

Hubby has now had a sandwich, some hot tea, and has taken his MAN cold to bed.

Sounds like a good day to hit the movies.


Praying today for:  ~B., a non-believer who had a stroke.  Her body is shutting down and she has not yet accepted Christ's love.


mholgate said...

Yah, those man colds can be scary!

I'm nursing a cold of my own today. It's in my sinuses behind my eyes. One of those ones where you just want to close your eyes until it goes away! But onward I sick days for me!

Love the Springlike background!

Have a great day! I'll say a prayer for your non-believer friend.

Thurman8er said...

Blecch. Hope that man gets over that man cold soon.

Rachel Anne said...

HILARIOUS...Man Cold! Oh, my. I know all about those. Did you say poor little bunny?? I know that would work well at my house :)

I hope you don't catch it!

Men seem to have no problem with putting themselves to bed when they are sick. Ever notice that?

Maybe you got some movie watching in, sounds like a great way to spend a sick day.

Allison said...

Shannon and I were ROFL over that video. And hey, we recognized the sarcastic paramedic at the end! I said, "I know that guy!" so we backed up & watched him again. He plays the constable in the mini-series North and South which we have seen about a bajillion times. (that's the Elizabeth Gaskell one, not the John Jakes one)