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Friday, February 13, 2009

Company Girl Coffee - come on in!

Good morning, friends!  Today we're sipping Starbucks coffee with Dulce de Leche creamer.  Oh my is it yummy!  We also have some Valentine's Day cookies to nibble on.  They're calorie-free, of course, because they are for a holiday and that cuts the calories out.  (You're welcome.)

It has been a week of ups and downs in our home, with God shining through even tough situations.  Praise Him for His faithfulness!


I got my quilt shipped to Texas where a lady is going to do the hard part - the actual quilting.  That's one thing I am not interested in tackling (yet?), so I am glad to have found a wonderful seamstress ... and she is excited at the chance to earn a little pocket change for her efforts!  In the meantime, another lady about an hour from my town was cleaning out her stash of fabric and selling yard increments for .50/yard.  The fabric was BEAUTIFUL and will make many lovely quilts for Binky Patrol.  I spent $60, which gives me well over 100 yards of fabric.  My husband is very patient.  Actually, he mentioned the amount and I asked if he'd like for the two of us to discuss the state of the garage and why he has THREE bikes, ONE of which he rides. :)


I am proud to say I am still on track with Home Sanctuary!  Usually by now, I forget to record points, or go through a day and forget to do the challenge.  Not this month!  The prize would look WAY too good in my office for me to be a slacker!  Yesterday's challenge for something sticky was fun and my creative juices got flowing!  I printed two pages of silly Valentine's Day riddles out for my kids and hung them in their bathroom.  They're teenagers, but will get a kick out of their silliness.  AND we used some sticky frosting to frost some more cookies (so glad I baked up all of the dough earlier in the week!).  We'll have plenty to share with the neighbors tomorrow.


Thanks for stopping by!


Have a blessed weekend!


P.S.  Will the Macy*s saga never end?  Why, oh why, should I get a bill stating I owe the full amount...when this was paid days before the bill was generated?  Goodness, Macy*s!  I sure hope the 7000 people you laid off aren't in your Collections Department because I have a feeling I'm headed back there!


One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like you had a great week! I have pretty much given up on getting the prize this month but have enjoyed the challenges anyway! Have a great weekend!

secondofwett said...

hehe....I asked my hubby if I could order a quilt kit that I fell in love with after he bought himself a GPS to bring here to Houston to find our way around! have to plan these purchases don't you! :0)

Kara said...

Those cookies look yummy. Especially if they're calorie-free. :)

That's really neat about the quilt. Maybe someday you'll decide to tackle one yourself. :)

mholgate said...

Awesome! Sounds like you had a lot of fun with yesterday's small thing. I'm on track too this month! Thanks for the calorie free cookies! I'm still sipping on my coffee at 11:00am. (Same cup from when I poured it at 8:00am) Some mornings I warm it multiple times! No cookies here though, just bagels. :)

Have a great weekend!

Erin said...

The cookies look yummy. I'm checking out those Valentine's Day riddles as my kids would love them. (At 7 and younger they may not get them, then again they make up their own jokes and laugh. It is all in the delivery.)

mholgate said...

Thanks for the tip about getting the sticky off my shoes! :)

Mommahen said...

Your cookies look yummy! Isn't this month's prize beautiful? Rachel Anne is certainly gifted.
Sorry to hear the Macy's saga is still on going. I hope they have at least ONE rep to help you.

Dani said...

Another bill? Ugh. I know how frustrating that is! I hope you get it all figured out soon.

Cute idea to stick up Valentines riddles!

Rachel Anne said...

What is up with Macy's?? Maybe they've misspent their money (should have put more into their bookkeeping), or are hoping to collect double from their customers to improve their bottom line?

What a great idea on the riddles! I know your girls will love them. We won't do a whole lot around here, but I might make a special breakfast for my son and husband. I am a "toast and coffee" girl, so sadly, my fam does not get a nice, cooked breakfast except on Christmas. So maybe I'll add another holiday in there and they'll really feel spoiled.

Enjoy your weekend!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the prayers. We didn't hear back about the interview yet. Hopefully soon...but Norm is meeting with another recruiter on Thursday.

Good job with keeping up with the Small Things!!!! Yippeee!

suzbinky said...

Hi Cheryl!
I love those treasure hunt days. I must admit, I do them solo. No one in my house has the patience.

Great bargain hunting - but I want those cookies!


Susan Finch, Founder