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Friday, February 20, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Good morning - thanks for stopping by!  No sweets today - my favorite jeans are tighter than they should be.  I guess last week's cookies weren't calorie-free after all!  It's hot tea and fresh orange slices.

Another great week with Home Sanctuary and I am really beginning to feel like things are coming together and my home really IS turning into a Sanctuary.  My favorite small thing this week was to clean out the cabinet under the kitchen sink.  It really wasn't as bad as I expected, taking only about 15 minutes, but forcing me to sort out what I actually USE ... and what I HAVE.  I have had a bottle of pure ammonia for 13 years.  I've not used it yet, so it safely went to the "Leftover" bin that will be offered to a friend of mine.




(Those aren't water stains - I tend to leave my dust/oil rag under the sink and don't always set it on top of something.)


Before you leave, would you join me in praying today for:  B., stroke victim who is failing; Baby R., born at 24 weeks and is growing - praise God! - her parents are not believers; J., cellulitis in his leg; J., strangulated hernias, waiting to see a surgeon.  Thank you!




Ridenour Family said...

Love the layout!(it looks VERY similar to mine- ha!!) Under the sink looks great!

One More Equals Four said...

Great job! Doing the sink was one of the only small things I accomplished this week! It was easy because with little ones around...there isn't much under there!

I lifted up your prayer requests this morning! How amazing to know we can leave them in the hands of an all powerful, all knowing God!

CindyC said...

I am impressed by your under-sink transformation! I am afraid I missed that one too, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't get done. Seeing your pictures, though, may inspire me to tackle it this weekend.

I did say a brief prayer for those you mentioned; thankfully God knows what is needed in each situation!

Reese said...

I am impressed with your sink. I'll be praying for your friends. What a good friend you are to ask for prayers

secondofwett said...

Thanks for stopping by....I really enjoy the actual quilting.....much more than putting the tops tofether! I wish I had your energy for organizing under my sink!

Pink {Aloha Monkey} said...

Thanks for stopping by. Under your sink looks great! I guess I'm the only one with a collection of empty jars under my sink :)

Naomi said...

wow, I need to tackle my under the sink area, yours looks great!

Kerri said...

Your sink area looks beautiful! I've cleaned mine out many times since fall due to having mice in my house. UGH!!

Thanks for stopping by my blog! You left sweet words -- thank you!

I also took your friend's survey! :)

have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by, and for the prayers. Great job on your cabinet. We don't have too many cleaners, but I realized that I keep on saving those jars and other containers from pasta sauces, etc. I keep thinking they'll come in handy one day...I hope to find them some good homes soon.

Dani said...

I really liked cleaning out under the sink, too. It wasn't that bad for me either. I'm sure having it all cleaned up gave you lots of peace. I breathed a sigh of relief :) I will lift up your prayer requests. Have a great week!

Rachel Anne said...

I still have some items under my sink that didn't get tossed when the plumbers were here. I made it as far as cleaning out the area where they worked, but there is a corner that still needs attention.

We had a busy weekend with an overnight event with all the hockey players (13-15 year old boys), 16 of them. Somehow, all the dads who were going to stay for the duration had to leave....I had planned to spend the night AND following day all by myself, but got called back into action. Waaaah. The house is still a bit of a wreck, but I'm not dealing with it until tomorrow.

John and Sharon said...

Praying for your other friends and appreciate the prayers!