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Friday, February 27, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Thanks for stopping by!  I feel like all week I have been running late, so this is even being posted a little later than usual.

It is early afternoon and I just came from lunch with a friend, and I am having a handful of trail mix.  Well, to be accurate, I am picking out my favorite things from a bag of trail mix.  So I'm eating cashews and peanuts, but no M&Ms or raisins.  My husband always wonders where the cashews go.  Hehehe

It's been a crazy week with my 9th grade daughters working hard to finish a huge science project that is due tonight.  It will consume the rest of my day, hence taking the time for virtual coffee and cashews.  In spite of that, I managed to keep up with Home Sanctuary.  I have noticed that with each "small thing" I participate in, I find myself looking around and taking it a step further.  The task of sweeping baseboards soon had me using an electric broom on all the floors, then a quick mop job.  Not only did it get me up and moving (when did I become so out of shape?), but my floors got the cleaning they needed.  After following the challenges diligently all month, I can say that there is a difference in our home and in my attitude toward keeping up with things.

Prayer requests today:  B., stroke victim whose health is declining; the family of Ella, a toddler who died as the result of an accident this week.

In the meantime, have a great weekend.




Dani said...

Wow, you did go a step further. I didn't get to the base boards. After cleaning...uh, scrubbing my bathroom floor...I was pretty done for. Glad you were so motivated though!

Rachel Anne said...

Oh, the science projects! This week has been a major homework/hockey/golf/school exhausting! (For my son, too :) I mostly just stay up late with him and keep him motivated with snacks and pep talks and stuff like glue and scissors.

I tend to eat more, late at night, so that's not good.

I love when the small things take on a life of their own! I also remember how little time some past small things took....therefore they are easy to repeat when needed. I never knew how easy cleaning a microwave was, but now I've done it several times. I did not get as far as using an electric broom on all my floors, but I'll bet that felt great.

I'll take the M&M's you don't eat!

mholgate said...

Hmm...I go straight for the chocolate in trail mix! I like cashews though, too. I managed to do every small thing this month in one form or another. I love how they get me moving and once that happens I make progress from there. :)

Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Now I want some cashews. haha I'll have to go over to my parents' because they always have some. I hear that school projects demand a lot of time nowadays. It hasn't been that long since I've been out of high school, but sometimes I wonder if it's just too much, and if it's necessary. I'm glad you got through your Small Things. It does make a difference. Great job!