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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

PSA: The Macy*s Saga, part 2

If you missed part 1, please take a moment to read this to catch up.

I admit I was actually surprised when a Macy*s bill arrived, though the collections woman promised she would send one.  Too bad the date on it was from October (yes, a full month before I opened my account!) and my balance was $0.00.  Big surprise.  (I wonder what the IQ requirements are to work this job because I have a couple of dogs who could use jobs and they are certainly more capable and cordial than any Macy*s call center employee I have had contact with.)

Time for another call to Macy*s.  My request to talk to a supervisor was denied and instead I was stuck with a 'customer service' (those words are used pretty loosely when it comes to Macy*s) agent who was rude and condescending.  She told me that my bill is due "On the 10th - when is what?"  "It's Saturday." (I offered after a full moment passed and I could tell she was obviously not skilled enough to count up 3 days.)  I can only guess I will awake on Sunday to Macy*s collections to hassle me about not paying my $42 bill.

Her final redeeming quality is that she would waive my late fee.  A late fee for a bill never sent.

Unbelievable, Macy*s.  In this economy, you might try a little customer service if you want to stay open or you will simply be the next in a long line of stores closing their doors.

I will mention this advice.  In person.  If I ever get a bill.  That I intend to pay.  In nickels.


Mickie said...

I'll never shop Macy's because of your post...and I was considering going to that store because I liked their Christmas commercial. Cheryl, you should call or contact someone in their marketing/press department. I found this website with some info (bottom of the page for a name of Ana whosis):

Mickie said...

PS..there is an email address for the markeeting person listed :)

Susan said...

Hey, Cheryl! I agree with Mickie. Pay your bill in nickels (LOVE IT!), then let Macy*s know that you'll make this public unless THEY clear your credit record (let THEM do the work), and include a very penitent note on it as well. And make a demand that they send both you AND me (I'm family, after all) a $100+ gift card.

Danell said...

Nickels??? I'd opt for pennies. . . apparently since they do not how to do their job efficiently maybe a little manual labor will help with their attitude.