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Thursday, January 1, 2009

PSA: While I will never shop at Macy*s again...

I'd like to think that there are enough people writing nice New Year's blogs that I can instead post a RANT about While I Will Never Shop at Macy*s Again.

In November, Layne and I purchased her formal dress at Macy*s.  When ringing it up, I was asked if I'd like to open an account and receive 20% off the dress.  My first mistake was saying, "YES, please."  Credit card arrives, but no statement.  Earlier this week, I CALL Macy*s and ask if I will be receiving a bill.  (All in all, in this economy, I think that was pretty generous on my part.)  I was assured that I was not late, that the bill would be generated in the next week or so and due the end of January.

The next day I began receiving strange phone calls from "Call Center, OH" and a recording that states I should stay on the line for a customer service person to help me.  I googled the number (gotta love Caller ID!) and see that it's Macy*s.  Um, I am pretty patient, but anyone who knows me knows that I despise the phone and it's pretty UNlikely that I will wait on the line.  More calls daily, which I ignore.  I even got one at 9:00am call this morning.  (Thanks, Macy*s.)  I hang up and mention it to Terry who says that in checking our credit reports earlier this week, a delinquent Macy*s account showed up under mine.  ("What?!")  At 11:00, I got another call.  The woman explains how the charge is small ($50'ish) and if I could just make a $5 payment, they would know I am trying.  She also told me that the call was being taped, to which I responded:  "Good!  Macy*s needs to know about the harassing calls I am getting."  I explained that I have never received a BILL and that I was not ignoring it ... I simply cannot and will not pay a bill that I haven't received yet.  She proceeded to tell me about late charges and how I am now 35 days delinquent.  (Apparently the bill-that-was-never-sent was due about the same day we bought the dress?)  I demanded that she cancel my account.  "Both accounts?"  ("What - I have TWO accounts?")  "Um, YES, please."  She assured me she was doing so.  I'm not holding my breath.  I assured her that if she will make a note that IF I AM MAILED A BILL, I AM HAPPY TO PAY IT.  And that if they called me again, I would contact my attorney.  As she began to wish me a Happy New Year, I hung up.  I can only take so much telephone in one day.

And that is why I will never shop Macy*s again.  Arrrgh.

Once I get out of collections, I shall write a lovely little New Year's Resolutions post and all that jazz.  Til then, get off the computer and go watch some football!


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Allison said...

This *almost* happened to me with a new Home Depot account a few months ago. I got the credit card and started using bill. I called the # on the back of the card and they told me the date that the bill would be generated (still over a month away, which I thought was strange) and what day it would be due. I wrote the info down (including the name of the person I spoke with). A few days later I got a bill, and it was due shortly thereafter. Good thing I open & read all my mail. Why the phone operator thought they would skip the August billing period is beyond me.