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Friday, December 12, 2008

Coffee's On - come on in!

I'm so glad you stopped by!  I've got Creme Brulee flavored coffee on the stove, quietly perking along.   Please grab a Christmas mug and join me!

My biggest accomplishment this week was my response to Rachel Anne's "Haul Ass" post.  (Ass, in the Biblical sense!)  I decided it was time to make a serious dent in my shopping.  Imagine my surprise when at one of the stores, I was told if I took my receipt to our local mall, I would receive raffle tickets - 1 for every $10 spent in my city.  Wow - I managed to get 31 tickets in the drawing for prizes like gas vouchers, flat screen TV, surround sound system, DVD player, etc.  It was FREEZING and you had to be present to hubby and I ventured to stand in the cold and listen for our number(s).  I'll cut to the chase.  NO, I didn't win anything but feet that were frozen and painful for the next few hours.  BUT it is rare that hubby and I just do 'nothing.'  It was a nice time to just have fun and grab a bite to eat.  I also got a lot of my shopping done, so it was well worth a day of Hauling...

I'd better get busy around here today, too.  I want to sew a couple of Christmas pillowcases and wrap a few presents.




Claudia said...

Sorry you didn't win, but it's fun trying, isn't it?

My big work project this week was finishing wrapping all those presents we bought. I'm not a good finisher, but we had a deadline, so every gift got wrapped, ribboned, and bowed.

Dani said...

I can think of only one time that I've ever won something. I was in college at a freshman mixer, and I won a book on reading body language. I thought that was pretty funny. I haven't won anything since then, but I have never lost the hope of doing so. It is almost an adreneline rush of sorts. Hope you get lots of presents wrapped. I haven't bought a single thing!

Alicia said...

I've done that before too!

I haven't wrapped anything yet. It wouldn't stay wrapped with my two tornadoes around! Have fun sewing!

Anonymous said...

Go YOu! Isn't great to just accomplish something? Keep it up...only 13 days left

secondofwett said...

My husband and I always lament that we don't win anything either! At least you got a good deal of your shopping done....good for you!
Have a great weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

I seem "have already won" free trips and cruises, according to some of the mail I get. All I have to do is visit a resort and learn about what they offer and then I can pick up my guaranteed prize. :)

It sounds like kind of a miserable way to spend time alone, getting all cold and everything. But WAY better than standing there alone! You're right, seems like it is rare to just "do nothing" together and that makes it special.

I hope you'll show your handmade pillowcases!! Please!

Joyce said...

It's great to do nothing...too bad I'm a workaholic. At least I'm not working...that would be overkill. haha Glad you guys got to spend some downtime together.

Fishy Girl said...

Too cool. It must be nice to have a little downtime with the man your love, even if you were both freezing. Enjoy your sewing session!

Mommahen said...

Oh I so wish I could sew or knit! I know the recepients of those pillowcases are gonna love them! Hope your frostbite is gone now. I've never had Creme Brule coffee before sounds yummy!

Esthermay said...

Anything done with the love of your life is NEVER a waste of time!
Thanks for the Creme Brule! MMmmmm
God Bless you!
~esthermay @The Heart of a Pastor's Wife

mholgate said...

Hello again! Creme Brulee this week! That's fancy. Thanks for a special treat! Today my hubby and I dropped our kiddos off at a friend's house and went to the Christmas Party for the Youth Staff, (He's a Sr. High Youth Pastor and Worship Pastor at our church) then did a little shopping ourselves. As if it weren't already cold enough here, the wind chill factor it made matters worse! Probably not the best thing to do with a cold, but I always enjoy alone time with my DH. And the kids got to have a fun day making cookies. :)
Blessings! Stay warm!

Erin said...

These days, with kids, we call that a date! It is fun to have these unscripted times and do nothing.

Happy shopping. Thanks for stopping by for coffee.

Kerri said...

Thanks for the coffee!! yummmmm~
I was blessed with winning a San Diego trip over Valentine's Weekend a few years ago. Fun and romantic and warm!!!