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Friday, September 12, 2008

Company Girl Coffee...Come on in!

Picture 2Rachel Anne Ridge over at Home Sanctuary has an amazing thing going.  "Small things."  Huh?  Small things?  What do they matter?  They matter a LOT.  Monday through Friday Rachel gives each of her "company girls" a "small thing" to do.  Yes, that's all.  Just one small thing to turn our homes into sanctuaries.  The things are easy, do-able.  Today's small thing is to do something silly over the weekend.  Huh?  Yes, do something silly to create an atmosphere of you in your home.  Rachel has captured what many of the housecleaning email lists have missed out on:  Choose one simple activity that will help make your home a sanctuary for your family.  (I'm thinking a game of Pretty Pretty Princess with my hubby and teenage daughters may be in order!)

This week I had a favorite small thing.  "How do you pick up the floor?"  Because we have new flooring, our floors have stayed pretty well picked up (this is also because not all of our furniture is back in place yet).  But it was a great reminder of how nice it looks when it's picked up and I spent about 15 minutes walking around each room and picking up a stray item here and there.  Know what?  It took very little time.  And it became a habit that I've been doing each day.

If turning my home into a sanctuary wasn't enough, Rachel Anne has PRIZES!  Oooh how I love a good prize.  Did I mention these are GOOD prizes?  Each day you participate, you track your points and send them in at the end of the month.  (I even won a couple of months back!)  If you haven't checked out the site, go do so.  It's surprisingly easy ... and a whole lot of fun.




Rachel Anne said...

You are the VERY FIRST EVER Coffee Company Girl to link up! Big smiles!

Speaking of prizes, I have put a package in the mail to you....I've given up entirely on the shoe boxes so I hope this will be a good substitute......

Bless you, Cheryl! Have a great day.

CrewCrews said...

Cheryl, is this the new Flylady?

:) Linda

Bridget said...

15 minutes a day? Seems easy, but when put into practice, my procrastination skills sometimes are better than my cleaning skills.

OC Mom said...

Hi Cheryl,

I tried being a company girl for a couple of days...I got my toaster cleaned, and some spots off the floor during those 2 days...

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Playing "Pretty, Pretty Princess" with your husband and teen daughters will be so much fun! I hope that I will remember to do that someday!