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Saturday, September 13, 2008

The answer is: Three feet.

ATT00081 The question is:  Approximately how far is this shopping cart from the "Return Carts Here" rack?  Three feet.  Unless you loaded your groceries into your trunk and then were carried away on a stretcher, can't you just take those few extra steps and return the cart?  Give me a break.  I must be getting really old since things like this are bugging me more and more.  Walk the extra three feet, folks.  Unless you're on a stretcher, of course.


Bridget said...

That's funny. I see people leave their carts in the parking lot, on the sidewalk, the grass, ANYWHERE but the return racks. I guess it's an all over the US thing (I thought it was a New York thing).

OC Mom said...

Hey Cheryl, I thought of you yesterday - Thing 1 and I were at Ralph's and we were 1 parking spot away from the cart corral. I thought about not returning the cart - just to annoy you - but instead I had Thing 1 drag it the 6 feet to its proper place. :)

Mrs. Joseph Wood said...

You are too funny! I am in such a blurr in life I don't even notice things like this.. how do you find the time?!?! I know you have a busy life too? I loved coming and reading your blog tonight friend. I was missing you! Have a wonderful week!