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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

This is not reality

I'm ashamed to say the homepage had something that caught my eye.  "Brad, Angelina Relocate to Riviera."  Now I am not a "Brangelina" fan.  AT ALL.  I had a few extra minutes while waiting on DD#2 to be ready for school, so I clicked my mouse.

What really caught my eye is the entourage these people travel with.

They have 4 kids.  Big deal.  I do, too.  But they travel with TWO, count 'em, TWO nannies.  What, pray tell, do Brad and Angelina do?  They've got two people to take care of their children.  Three security guards.  OK, there are people who are obsessed with stars, so I'll give them their guards.  They're staying at someone else's home.  (Too cheap to pay for a hotel? LOL)  They have a staff of 12 "to get them anything they need."

Again, what do Brad and Angelina do?  TWELVE people to take care of this family of 6??

Funny.  My family of 6 is pretty self-sufficient.  We all have responsibilities that work together to make things happen.  It's 7:55am and my second load of laundry is almost finished.  I did them both by myself.  Later I will plan dinner.  There is no staff of 12.  Now THAT is reality.


Brad, Angelina Relocate to Riviera


Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt

Ken Baker, eonline
23 hours ago

The Brangelina brood has hit France, scouting locations for its next big project: Baby-delivering.

Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and all four kids are holed up in Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen's Villa Maryland in Saint Jean Cap Ferrat on the French Riviera.

The family arrived early Monday night via private jet at Nice airport with two nannies and three security guards says an onlooker.

As E! News first reported last month, Angelina is due this summer and plans on having her baby in France.

"It's a breathtaking villa with views out over the Mediterranean [Sea] and they have roughly 12 staff on hand at all times to get them anything they need," says a source.

"They've stayed there before and love the house, it's very private and no one can see in.

The insider says that Jolie, who has two films opening at next month's Cannes film fest, will kick back while Pitt goes house-hunting.

"They love France and will now be here until after the babies are born and Angie is looking at Marseille hospitals as a potential place to give birth."

They also stayed at Paul Allen's villa for a week during Angelina's pregnancy with Shiloh in the early summer of 2006.

Jolie met Allen, who helped bankroll DreamWorks, when she was filming Shark Tale in 2004.

© 2008 E! Entertainment Television, Inc. All rights reserved.,


Thurman8er said...

The next time you consider your instincts.

Sandra said...

You are so funny! Can you imagine? I think we'd all look pretty darn good if we had someone else doing everything for us! Well, maybe not quite as good as Angelina, but I think we, too, would look rested and beautiful if there were no "requirements" of myself other than to take care of me...
Saw your Daughter #1 today at the Car Show. She's beautiful and sweet!