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Wednesday, April 23, 2008


ATT00016 (2)

Wow - "Secretary's Week" ala 2008 almost doesn't fit on the sign.  Give me a break.  Really, what was wrong with just being a plain ol' secretary?


And today I decided I don't like bell peppers and I will not eat another bell pepper.  (Theoretically, if it was the only food left in the world and would mean the difference between life and death, I WOULD eat it.)

As a kid, I never liked bell peppers.  I knew my mom was trying to poison us by sneaking them in the meatloaf (another poison). As a young wife, I began to eat them, mostly because I thought I was supposed to do.  I'd buy them because they're so beautiful.  Then they'd sit in the produce drawer until they became mushy, fuzzy and unrecognizable inside the produce bag.  Long past the compost bin stage.

So today, in an effort to feed starving children in another country, I shall never buy another bell pepper because it will only go to waste.  Farewell, capsicum.  Anyone want the green one still in the fridge?  I don't think it's fuzzy ... yet.  :o)





OC Mom said...

Ha ha - I have 1/2 of a red bell pepper languishing in my veggie bin right now. I used the first half for a recipe 2 weeks or so ago. But I can't bear to throw away the 2nd half until it starts oozing with mold. Don't worry; it's in a baggie!

Somebody needs to hybridize red peppers to 1/2 size, since nobody ever needs more than 1/2 of one...

OC Mom said...

PS - I threw away the was slightly slimy.