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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Too busy?

A couple of dear friends of mine sell Avon and I love their products. Having recently just stocked up on a bunch of goodies, I was browsing through the newest catalog, bending corners of pages and mentally preparing an order (the BEST way to fill stockings for teenage girls!). As I flipped from page 22 to page 21 (I’m a leftie - it's just what we do), I came across this jewel of an item.

Self Stirring Travel Mug
Mix things up with your favorite warm beverage without the need of a spoon or stirring stick. Just add cream or sugar to coffee or tea and press button. Perfect for the busy traveler. Includes lid. Hand wash. Takes 2 AA batteries (not included). Only $12.99 each.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not dissing the product or Avon. The reason I even glanced at the page was because it’s red and the mug pictured in the center is red. Anyone who knows me even a little knows that red is my favorite color, so I’m more likely to look at a red page than, say, a green or orange page. But here’s my query. How long does it take to stir your coffee? I put my cream on the bottom, so when I pour my coffee, most of the mixing is done instantly. BUT the times I do feel I need to stir, I’m guessing it takes about 8 seconds max. Now, calculating the time it would take me to find 2 AA batteries (and finding 2 AA batteries in itself is a chore, as those are the first to disappear from the battery holder), then the additional time it would take me to find 2 AA batteries THAT AREN’T DEAD, I’m guessing I could have stirred enough coffee to last me through winter. I wonder how long one set of batteries is going to last but that’s for another day. Next we’ll tackle the “hand wash” feature. OK, our dishes are done by DD#2 who is 16. Wonder if she’s going to remember that this has to be hand washed? Hmm. It’s doubtful. Even taking into account the fact that I could (and would) wash it myself, it still must be hand washed. Assuming I’ve already finished my coffee (ahem CAFFEINE), I’m estimating the time it would take to hand wash this product to be about 60 seconds. 60 seconds vs the 5 seconds it would take to put a mug in the dishwasher. I think I’m too busy to own this mug. If YOU, however, think you need one, please contact me and I will put you in touch with one of my amazing Avon ladies!

And now I’m a little tired just reading this and pondering something so deep this early in the morning. I haven’t even made my coffee and now I think I’m going to skip it. As it is the Saturday after Thanksgiving, it is officially the day to DECORATE FOR CHRISTMAS! DD#2 is the official “change out regular dishes for Christmas dishes” girl and there is nothing better than the first mug of anything hot when it’s in my Christmas dishes. I’m inclined to even have soup in these just because it tastes better.

And I get to say “MERRY CHRISTMAS” for a whole month!

Be blessed,

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OC Mom said...

Ha ha. I have been collecting thoughts for a "how lazy do you have to be to use this product" post and you just supplied me with another product for the list!

Oh, and I *think* I like your new color scheme. It was a bit disconcerting when I first opened the page. I'm rather set in my ways. :)