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Monday, November 19, 2007


As I dropped a C note at the grocery store this morning, I couldn't help but wonder what other people think about as they shop for Thanksgiving. For me, I am not one who looks forward to grocery shopping. Well, anyone who knows me well knows that I don't look forward to ANY kind of shopping. Once I'm in the grocery store, my imagination gets going and meals just unfold as my shopping cart fills up. Somehow, as a result of today's shopping expedition, we are now having 4 pies for Thanksgiving. FOUR - yes, for a family of 6. And since I am dieting, that really means 4 pies for 5.5 people, as I will limit myself to a half piece. Maybe. Probably not. I'll probably eat the whole piece because it's the BEST STINKIN' PIE IN THE WHOLE WORLD! This was my maternal grandmother's recipe. As a child, I couldn't figure out why my mom loved something called "Buttermilk pie." What's WRONG with that? It just doesn't even sound good. Around high school or so, I finally tasted a bite. It was like eating heaven! No WONDER my mom never insisted I taste it - she then would have had to share with me! Anyway, I digress.

Thanksgiving really DOES make me realize how many blessings I have. I have a family that loves me, children who love Jesus, a roof over my head, a pantry full of nourishing food, vehicles that run, freedom, friends who love me - in spite of my flaws, health, the ability to stay home and care for my family, the list just goes on. God is good - each of these blessings is from Him and daily I thank Him for being so good to me. I hope each of you feels thankful - even if your life has thorns, look carefully for the rosebuds that are there.

And now I must go find room in the fridge to put an 18 pound turkey. 18 pounds? Who will have room for pie???



OC Mom said...

What other pies? Surely not 4 buttermilk pies? Are you also serving apple, pumpkin, and pecan?

Cheryl Hudgins O. said...

Cherry, pumpkin and apple. In the end, we didn't make the apple because my clothes felt tight just saying the words "4 pies." Gave the rest of the buttermilk pie away yesterday with only one piece gone, will allow the first kid who asks for pie today to finish whatever pie they want, and I think we'll all have Dexatrim for dinner. :o)

Cheryl Hudgins O. said...

Oh and the only reason we didn't have pecan (as is traditional for any of us God-fearing Texans) is because I would be the only one to eat it. Cruise is in 8 days and I can't afford an extra 5000 calories today. LOL

OC Mom said...

Sounds yummy.

We just got back from our Thanksgiving at the cabin and had to go out - I put on my dressy jeans and they were too tight! I think I gained a few pounds in 4 days, argh!