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Friday, July 27, 2007

The blame game

This morning's headlines were grand. Seems a young starlet's 13 year old sister has been quoted as blaming their father for all of big sis's problems (alcohol and drug use topping the list). OK, I don't follow this stuff, but it was in front of my face and I couldn't resist reading the article. DAD, then, blamed his OWN problems on his ex brother in law. When did we stop requiring personal responsibility? Why is it OK to have an addiction and take no part of the blame for our own actions? Can I blame my sugar addiction on my parents? I suppose I could...but it is unfounded and that won't help me turn away a lemon bar or a hot brownie with butter (yeah, it's a Texan thing). But really...shouldn't we all just say that we have a problem and it is our own problem?

I'm tired of the blame game.

Grow up, young [coughLindsaycough] starlet. Either continue the drugs and alcohol until you're pushing up daisies, or make something of yourself. It is YOUR choice, YOUR problem, and YOUR responsbility.

And on that, I am feeling like a lemon bar. Nah, just kidding. :)


OC Mom said...

What does a lemon bar feel like? :)

Cheryl's... said...

LOL Good one, OC. :o)

OC Mom said...

Have you seen this recipe for lemon bars? I could eat the whole pan!!