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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Missing anatomy

OK, I am trying to buy a new vehicle. Well, new to me, not "NEW" new. seems that I lack a certain piece of male anatomy that causes car salespeople to even think that "The little missus" might be capable of even LOOKING at a car or TALKING about prices.

I'm considering calling Lorena Bobbitt and asking if she has any male anatomy parts that I could just take with me while I shop. I can pull it out of my purse, show it to the salespeople so they will know that I, indeed, am trying to buy a vehicle.

Today's attempt actually came in Clovis where 4-5 salesMEN were snacking and standing in the shade while I spent 10 minutes wandering around, peeking in the [locked] vehicles I was interested in. Nobody would talk to me or even acknowledge me. As I left (hey - it was 103 outside - 10 minutes was my limit), one man from anoter part of the lot asked if I had been helped. I explained after 10 minutes, nobody was interested in talking to me, so I would shop elsewhere. "But can I find someone for you?" "No, not now, it's too late." Tis a shame - there are a couple of excellent options there and I would likely have purchased a car from them in the next week or so. Of course, assuming they would look ME in the eyes when I go back with Hubby.

Maybe it's just ME and not the missing anatomy.


Anonymous said...

I love this!!!
I should start one, even though I do my rambling on myspace......

Marilyn being anonymous for now....

Denise said...

I can hook you up with a great deal if you want... ;-) Isn't family great!

You will be taken seriously because the Manager of Finance or whatever he is called is my ex brother-in-law.

Oc Mom said...

So, any update on a car?

Isn't this awful? We don't even e-mail each other we just read each other's blogs.

KaySimpson said...

So...I'm assuming the "missing anatomy" is a mustache??