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Saturday, July 21, 2007

More Sweet 16...the party

Nikita, Abby, DD#2Aubree, Emily, Abby, Kendra

Group pic
Funny how DD#2 keeps calling the Stang "her car"

"Night under the stars cake" ... thanks, Mrs. Keeler!
My photographer for the night let me down and I don't have more pix to share. was a fun night, filled with a scavenger hunt/amazing race to the local elementary school where Hubby made them play games. LOL As much as you'd think teens would have hated that, they had a ball, then raced back here for a late night swim...where the GUYS dominated tossing GIRLS into the pool. And no good pix!!!

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Anonymous said...

I love that photo with the kids around the car.... really cute!!! Sharon