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Friday, May 25, 2007

She's gone! She's gone!

Wow, can it be? I read the most exciting bit of news on my homepage this evening. A certain oh-so-obnoxious (OSO) talk show host, who will remain nameless, has decided that she will take an early departure from her talk show that she co-hosts with 3 other women (I can't actually say "ladies" because two of the four hosts are merely "women" in my book.). Now, I don't watch much TV, and don't even like this talk show. It's one I've watched maybe 10 times in its 10(?) seasons. I simply don't like the hosts, but this OSO woman takes the cake. After reading a news blurb last week about OSO determining that our U.S. troops are terrorists (oops, did that give it away?) and being angry because sweet-Christian-Republican (SCR) host said nothing to defend OSO. My thinking (as if OSO or SCR care) is that SCR actually did OSO a favor by keeping her mouth shut. I mean...had it been me, I would have commented back that I also disagreed with OSO. SCR did the better thing by merely keeping silent. Now to campaign for the redhead to disappear and see if a meaningful conversation could ever be had. All of this said, maybe I will tune in next week and watch for a moment or two. I, for one, am glad to see this atrocity of a host GONE.

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I am so this Rosie?