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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Story of the vanishing blog

Well, well, well. Somehow my first blog has vanished - or rather I am no longer able to log in, which really is not that big of a deal, because I believe I had only posted once, though it was really rather nice. My kids were all in a good place and I was feeling immensely satisfied with my family, my life, and myself at the moment. When you have four teenage girls, that feeling of satisfaction can change pretty quickly. Or rather...the "kids were all in a good place" can change on a dime, depending on hormones, cycles and all that good stuff. But mostly, I do feel very blessed. Nobody's been arrested. Nobody's ever run away (though I'm sure in their minds, at least one or two of them have dreamed of this on a short-term basis). Nobody has totally wigged out on a long-term basis. But more importantly, I am blessed with having a healthy family, one that works together to look out for the best interests of each other, and, most importantly, a family that loves God. Really, it can't possibly get much better than that.

So this is now my 'other' first blog, or rather my first blog of my crazyladycheryl blog. Why the name? Well, to be perfectly honest, I couldn't think of anything other than using my name (boooring) and creative juices are pretty low in general. Much of the time I feel like a crazy lady, running here and there, working 3 different jobs, in addition to the whole wife/mother/family organizer gig. Don't get me wrong, I love every minute of what I do, but it still leaves me feeling like a crazy lady most of the time.

Crazy or not, it's me, and this is my blog.


OC Sitcom Mom said...

I love it, Cheryl! And you know what makes me really happy? You're older than I am. I guess I knew that, but I love seeing it in writing, ha ha!

KaySimpson said...

I like this one much better! I especially like the photo of M on her first day of school!