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Thursday, May 31, 2007

How is it that some people...

...seem to have so much time and blog regularly? Is there a blog-fiber pill out there that I am missing, therefore preventing me from becoming blog-regular? I dunno. I have great thoughts and ideas, but then don't even revisit them for several days until I have time. Then, well, sometimes those great thoughts and ideas have vanished or worse - they no longer seem like great thoughts or even worthy ideas. So today, some ramblings.

Last night DD#2's short-term dreams were realized. She got her first job at an ice cream franchise that is coming to Clovis (by the new Criterion theater) in the next few weeks. I KNEW she'd get it - she's perfect to work at a place like this! Those of you local, make sure you put Maggie Moo's on your "to do" list for summer. To make the news even sweeter...her best friend, Nikita, also got a job there. Congrats, girls! I'm especially excited about the job becuase this means she will easily be able to pay her half of cheer for next year....which means I won't have to pay it all!

It is now 2:21 in the afternoon and I am wondering what the company that promised mattress delivery between 11-2 really meant when they gave me that time slot, as I have no mattress here, yet I have been expecting them for several hours. No, not really blog worthy, but it is disappointing and I feel like my whole day has been wasted. Sigh.

Yesterday I attended the year-end band concert at my daughters' junior high. There was a good showing, but still seating available. I do have a GRIPE in the amount of people that arrived LATE - up to 30 minutes late (for a 90 minute concert, 30 minutes is pretty late), then didn't have the courtesy to wait til a piece ended before climbing over people in the bleachers and seating themselves and their families of 6-8. Come on, folks. I have a family of 6 and I know that if we expect to sit together ANYWHERE, we must go early, or at the very least, ON TIME. Common courtesy dictates it. Then...when we ARE seated, we don't get up and down throughout the concert, talk, etc. The kids performing have worked too hard to not be give the same courtesy a 'real' concert would have received. Oh wait, a 'real' concert brings the same type of behavior. IS it Fresno? Or is it society in general?

OK, rambling time is over and it's time to pack for a quick weekend trip where Hubby will run the Rock & Roll Marathon. Lest you think I'm going to be lazy, I am volunteering at the finish line. If it's anything like last time, I will work equally as hard as Hubby running the 26.2 miles. Keep him in your prayers...a pulled hamstring has him in pain and growing quite nervous about being able to finish the race on Sunday...I would offer to take his place, but, quite honestly, I get weary just DRIVING 26.2. I'm more of a behind-the-scenes kind of gal, not wanting to take the glory away from the real athletes out there.

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