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Friday, November 13, 2009

Company Girl Coffee ~ 11/13/09


Good morning!  Join me for some hot tea by the fire!  We have a lot of fog this morning and my dear husband got the fire going for me.  He’s got a 5-day ‘weekend’ that started on Wednesday, so it’s been fun having him home and we have been able to spend a lot of time together…playing right into Rachel’s “All the Fun” challenge!  In a private conversation this week with another Company Girl, it encouraged me that we are not all in the same place with our relationships with our spouses…and that “Fun” could mean different things for each of us and that each of us must do the best we can with where we are, but PRAYER is the best thing we can do for our spouses!  That’s not to say there was no ‘fun’ though.  LOL

Cross Country Valley Meet was yesterday – our daughter was in the paper this morning…not as our team’s star runner, but the girl all the way to the left of the picture (and behind, not in front).  Her personal time was 20 seconds slower than her PR of the same course, but she did her best and her team placed second…giving them a spot in the State meet on November 28th.  This same girl fell asleep about 10:30 last night with her face in an Algebra 2 book.  :)

Weekend with two kids going to an out of town band competition, hubby with full-day basketball commitments, another daughter with plans…sounds like it will be a QUIET weekend on my end.  I hope to spend some quality time with my Singer sewing machine to get some more things in my shop and some great praise music.

I wish you all a blessed weekend!  Thanks for stopping by!



One More Equals Four said...

Sounds like lots going on! Congrats to your daughter. You are right about people's relationship. So often we just assume people are in the same place we are but we never know what is going on behind closed doors.

Good luck creating...I am assuming you will be making blankets and burp cloths. I may have to come order one, have a baby shower coming up the beginning of Dec.!

Anonymous said...

I'm still working on the "fun" challenge...I don't supposed snoring on the couch or grumbling about back pain really counts...hmmm... :)

Hot tea by the fire sounds delightful!

Anonymous said...

It's a sunny but chilly day here.

Good for you daughter! Good luck to the team at State.

Have a fabulous and quiet weekend. I look forward to those...or even a day.

Docmommy said...

WOW you are so busy! My 7yo's schedule is getting like that so i dont' kwnow hat is going to happen when my 3yo starts getting busy! Congrats to your daughter!
P.S. I am going to send you a message about technical writing as soon as I figre out how! :-)

Jamie said...

Glad you had some time with your hubby! Hope you had fun.
I have a cross country runner, too. It is an amazing sport that seems to attract some really good kids! Making it to state shows some major dedication. Congrats to her!
Thanks for stopping by Cozy Your Home.

secondofwett said...

I just love it when my hubby has time at home.....sounds like your kids had a good week too.....have a great wknd!

Aiming4Simple said...

Thanks for stopping in at my blog today. I wish I could manage to sew too. We're not at the quiet stage yet with our kids, but the giggles are precious. Your plans for the weekend sound heavenly. Enjoy!

Jean Stockdale said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I had a wonderful time with the ladies in Ala. They had about 25 tables decorated and each one was fabulous. The ladies were so created.

I just loved how they used the Scripture to be the "centerpiece of each centerpiece." What a great way to keep Christ the focus of every celebration.

I am adding a picture that I should have included. The ladies that did the clock centerpiece used old stretch wristband watches as napkin rings! Too cute. Check back and see it. And didn't you love the footprints in the sand? How clever. Anyways, thanks for stopping by. Hope the pictures will spark some creativity for you! Blessings.

Erin said...

You have a full weekend, glad to hear you had a quiet Friday morning, and some bonding time with your husband. Thanks for the tea, and the fire.

mholgate said...

Hi Cheryl! I'm spending a nice Saturday at home, resting and trying to get better. Thanks for visiting for coffee. :)

It sounds like you've had some great quality time with your husband this week. I've had some really good talks with mine, and I can hardly wait until he gets back from the worship conference to find out how it went.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Rachel Anne said...

Cheryl, there have been times that a smile would have been about all the "fun" I could are right, we just have to do what we can with where we are. I haven't exactly been too fun (being sick) but we have managed to crack some jokes and have some laughs anyway.

I so admire your daughter(s) for their athleticism! They are very committed. such a great life skill. Corss country must be brutal, I can't even imagine.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

LydiaCate said...

Congrats to your daughter! You must be so proud of her. Awesome! Won't it be neat to see what the Lord does with our children? Can't wait!
It's been a fun and positve weekend here ;) Glad for you that you've had some good time with your husband.
Hope you've gotten lots of sewing done!