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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Christmas COSTS less?

This morning I saw a commercial on TV that I have seen multiple times over the last few weeks.  Their closing statement struck me differently this morning.  They end the spot with:  “Christmas costs less at XXXXXXX*.  (*Don’t really want to pick a fight with them, so it will remain anonymous!)

I understand the concept:  Shop at our store where things cost less. 

But…but…does Christmas truly have to ‘cost’ anything?

It just made me kind of sad that it is so commercial and dollar-oriented.  Yes, we spend money on gifts, but I rather long for a society that doesn’t place so much importance on gifts that cost money, even if it’s ‘less’ money than other stores.

As a child, I read the Little House books over and over and have always marveled at the simplicity of gifts.  It’s time to go back to those days…


Anonymous said...

We're not big on gifts, so I totally know what you mean. And it's tough because I feel bad if people buy gifts for the kids, but I didn't get them anything. It seems like some people go into debt buying presents for everyone they know.

Mrs. Joseph Wood said...

I agree! My little ones have been making their gifts for each other for over a month now. The boys have put their woodworking and wood burning skills to use and they have made some really neat gifts.. I would tell you but one of my girls might read your blog too. :-)

It would be nice if this time of year was really about us getting together with friends and family to worship Him together. If there was no stress or shame in not buying someone something rather it was just a time to sing, laugh and share food together as we remember the greatest gift ever given!

Mrs. Joseph Wood

Danell said...

Cheryl I couldn't agree with you more. We have gotten so caught up in the hype of this year's "gotta have it" that we have totally forgotten what this holiday is about.

I have also decided this year to scale back. We are going to be making a lot of our Christmas presents in the way of baking like they did so many years ago. Why if it was totally acceptable to just bring someone a fresh baked pie for a Christmas visit so long ago is it not just fine to do the same today? That is where we have allowed corporate America to tell us what Christmas is all about.

Missy K said...

Hello! Thanks for coming over to Daily Portion-- we are singing the same song sister! So sad that the big Mart knew that the idea that "Christmas costs. . . " would resonate with the whole country-- that few of us would pause to go, "huh?"

And the Little House books are a good antidote for a lot of things!

Beth said...

ahhhh fresh perspective. As someone who shops at that store frequently, because it does often cost less, I just thought they had a good marketing strategy. But you're right. Christmas shouldn't cost. That's something that we struggle with in our little family (Husband and I). My family doesn't place much importance on presents, and more on being together and doing traditional Christmas things. (We always watch the Muppet Christmas Carol; I highly recommend it.) Husband's family, although lovely, is big on gifts. And since money is tight for us, that stresses us a little. Maybe we can somehow remind the in-laws that Christmas shouldn't be about the presents, anyway. Thanks for the thougths!