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Thursday, June 4, 2009


Yesterday, a friend's out-of-town relative came over to drop off her two young boys for me to babysit for a few hours.  The mother (actually, it's Grandma who is raising the kids) came to the door and proceeded to 'interview' me.  (Understandable.)  She started with, "Got any kids?"  "Yes, 4.  They're teens." (Teens seemed easier to say than "I have 3 teens and 1 20-year-old out of the house.")  "Ugh - I don't envy you."  "They're great - I really enjoy my kids."  The "interview" went on with me being told that they don't watch much TV, but then gave an extensive list of PBS shows that were acceptable [I would just like to publicly thank Comcast's On Demand PBS section.  Um, not that we resorted to it or anything.].

I was so put off by the assumption that having teens is misery.  I have worked hard to raise my kids so that I enjoy them...and that other people do, too.  And, for the most part, this has happened.  (YES, we have some of 'those days'...but so does everyone else!)  But really...I can honestly say I have enjoyed each stage of child rearing.  Some seasons (and some kids!) have been easier than others, but they have all been filled with experiences I wouldn't trade.

Now, better go find a new batch of toys since I am babysitting again this evening.  And I should take an Ibuprofen early. :)

Enjoy your kids,



Erin said...

Congratulations on winning Rachel Anne's Small Things challenge.

I will be calling you for this friendly reminder when my kids become teenagers.

And for the earlier reminder, next time we have the urge to "stop for ice cream" we will take out. Our sympathy for your family and the family of the sisters.

Reese said...

I've been out of town, so I haven't contacted you to discuss your prize. Congrats on being the winner!
I have stopped selling totes in my shop since they are a little expensive to make, but you can still look in the SOLD section of my etsy shop and see what you like. $35 is probably worth a tote or apron and a coffee cozy.
My etsy shop is

My e-mail is


Good luck with the baby sitting!!


Allison said...

I enjoy my teens, too. Which is why I wish they were going to Maui with us. I think the guilt is going to kill me. :)