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Friday, May 29, 2009

Company Girl Coffee ~ May 29, 2009

Welcome!  I want to tell you about a neat photo contest going on over at Company Girl.  Rachel Anne is looking for photos that show what it really means to be a Company Girl.  Do you have any great "girlfriend" photos?  Go upload them before Sunday, June 7th.  If your photo is selected, you will receive a copy of this gift book.

We have had an emotionally difficult week in our community.  Three sisters from our town were killed, along with their father, when their plane crashed last Friday.  The oldest of the girls, Kaitlyn, was a friend of my daughters, and we have all had a hard time grasping what happened. (The two previous posts talk a little more about this accident.)  Please keep this family in your prayers.




Kerri said...

Cheryl, praying for your family and how to deal with this very sad time! big hugs to you and an extra huge mug of coffee this morning~

Kara @ KSS said...

Oh wow that's so sad. I will send a prayer up for everyone affected.

Jolanthe said...

Sorry to hear about the family. Big hug for your family.


Dani said...

Again, so sorry for your loss. We have had an emotional week this week, too. I almost lost my husband. I don't think I've actually digested that yet...I've been on go, but I'm sure it will hit me soon. I hope you and your family will be strengthened and that God will give you peace.

CindyC said...

I'm so sorry to hear about the loss in your community this week. Praying for peace and comfort from the Holy Spirit to all of you who knew them.

Reese said...

I am so sorry for your loss.
God never wastes a hurt.

Rachel Anne said...

Oh my. Oh dear God. What an awful thing to happen to this family. I will be praying for the mom and the rest of the family. And your post about getting the ice cream was so very poignant. I cannot imagine how you, and your community feel.

Your Small Things this week were amazing...seems very small indeed in light of the tragedy. You drawers are a sight to behold, as your bedroom.

Hugs and prayers, Rachel Anne

LydiaCate said...

I'm so sorry! Will be praying for this family and for yours too. May you all find comfort in the loving arms of a gracious God!

secondofwett said...

Praying for that family and the community...very difficult I'm sure.

mholgate said...

Cheryl, I'm so sorry to hear what your community is going through and how it has reached you and your family on a personal basis. It is never easy to lose someone you are close to. I'll be praying for their family, and yours.

I've missed the blog world lately, especially reading your posts. It feels like I dropped of the face of the planet. Life has just been keeping me busy and away from my computer. Congrats on winning most points last month! :) You did it! Yay!

Well, I better get back to work. I'm just taking a short lunch break.

Praying for you,

Michelle said...

Praying for this family and your family too. What a tender reminder for me to stop and smell the roses.
In His Love, Michelle

Thurman8er said...

I was outside last night, taking out the trash, and my next-door neighbor and I got to talking, as we often do. He's an administrator at Clovis High and I had forgotten what he was going through there. Such tragedy in the world...such sadness.