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Friday, March 6, 2009

Company Girl Coffee

Picture 2Thanks for stopping by!  I'm running late today and it's not even 9am!  I'm not running late for anything in particular, I just started my day late and that makes me feel behind. 

My post today will fit right in with today's small thing:  Do something bad.  My intentions were to write a lovely ('good') post about how my youngest daughters (twins) turned 15 this week, post beautiful pictures of them on their birthday, etc.  Here's the glitch:  I don't have 'beautiful' pictures of them from their birthday.  They left in the morning wearing new tops, hair done extra special, etc.  They came home in PE and track clothes, hair ruined, and, rather smelling like they just came from PE and track.  :o)  But this is the reality of our life and ... frankly ... I think our life is beautiful, so that counts.

So, in honor of my beautiful twin daughters turning 15 on Monday, I would like for you to meet MY Company Girls:

Taylor is actually the second-born twin, but because she always IMG_0354comes last in name order, I thought I'd cut her a break and list her first.  Taylor loves music and can play piano, clarinet, violin and trombone.  Her goal for high school is to learn as many instruments so she can go on to become a music major.  I pray she uses her love and talent for music for the Lord.  She has a heart for Him and is truly a light to all of those around her.

Kaylie is my runner daughter.  This girl is an amazing runner, like IMG_0355her daddy.  She has an amazing work ethic and gives 100% to everything she does.  She plays the flute beautifully, and has a soft heart for animals of any shape and size.  She wants to be a Zookeeper when she is older.  They will be the best kept zoo animals ever!  She loves the Lord and will NOT go to bed at night until she has read her Bible.

Here is a BAD quality picture from my cell phone at their birthday dinner on Sunday at Macaroni Grill:

Thanks for letting me brag on two of my favorite four daughters!  I'll brag on the other two favorites as their birthdays come up!  Have a blessed weekend!



Michelle said...

Good morning Cheryl! so nice to hear another mom's life is like mine! so many good intentions, so many missed kodak moments :) You have a beautiful family. Isn't it amazing how different each of our children are--so many different God-given talents and abilities--all for His purposes. Hope you have a good weekend and upcoming week! ~Michelle

Rachel Anne said...

Hey, Cheryl! My son is 15.....want to do some match-making? :)

Seriously, those girls are BEAUTIFUL and so talented. You are very blessed. I think it would be a great adventure to have twins. Are they identical, because I can't tell them apart!

It's been one of those mornings and I am so behind. I won't get around for any more coffee until later in the day!

mholgate said...

They're beautiful! I'm so glad that you decided to share. :)

BTW, I would gladly take some of your 60 degree weather!

I also feel a little behind this morning even though my youngest woke me up early by turning on the tv full blast!

I haven't thought of my bad thing for the day yet. Maybe I will just indulge in some chocolate chip cookie dough while making cookies for my friend that I'm taking dinner to tonight. :)

Have a great weekend!

Janet said...

I woke up late and have been struggling to catch up all day, too! Sometimes it's just that way.

Happy birthday to your precious girls! Thanks for the coffee today.

Claudia said...

What beautiful girls - with beautiful hearts to boot! May God continue to bless them as they grow in love with and for Him.

secondofwett said...

Your daughters are just beautiful! I have a fifteen year old daughter and she's very much a drama queen!

Dawn said...

Wow what gorgeous girls! Happy birthday to them! I have to give you props for being a mom of teenagers - my boys are not even school age yet and I am already dreading the teenage years! lol!

Thanks so much for the coffee!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your girls. They are beautiful...even after PE and track. Sounds like they are growing up to be lovely young women. Macaroni Grill...yum! We haven't been there in a long time. Thanks for introducing us! =)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

I love your blog. So glad I ran across it in my blog reading. I love your the red and of my favorites and I have probably looked at thousands.

I am new to the blog world and have so much to learn.

When you have some time, stop by for a visit!