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Friday, March 20, 2009

Company Girl Coffee - March 20

Picture 2Hello!  Welcome!  It's been a busy week playing catch-up since I spent last week visiting my mom and sister in Texas.  En route, I had a few hours to sit at DFW and Rachel Anne was sweet enough to come meet me at the airport.  She is as sweet in person as she is on her blog.  She was an amazing 'hostess' as we walked our way around the airport in search of a cup of coffee.  I felt like I already knew her, having read her blog for the Photo(3)last year.  What an encouragement she is - and FUN!  We Company Girls definitely need to think about a retreat - somewhere, somehow!  If anyone wants to come to Central California, I'll blow up air mattresses and warm up the chocolate fountain.  :o)

100_1031While in Texas, I was able to pick up my finished quilt and deliver it to my sister.  The quilter did an amazing job and I look forward to sending her more in the future.  It was fun to give a homemade gift and not clutter that my sister will eventually have to throw away!

I'd better get busy around here - have a blessed weekend.


Praying for: K., test results for spinal tap; B., unsaved stroke victim; N.B., skin biopsy; N.Y., pain; J., looking for a job; C., broken ankle/mobility; N., job interview next week.


Anonymous said...

Glad you had a good trip. How fun to meet up with Rachel Anne!...even if it was for a little while. The quilt looks great.

Hey, I'm in the Bay Area...not too far. We will have to do something. I checked and I think we're about 3 hrs apart.

Have a great weekend!

Dani said...

Yes, how fun to meet up with Rachel Anne! I'm glad you guys had fun :)

My brother is in San Diego...I need to finally get out there to meet my new nephew. Hope you are having nice weather. The weather in S.D is always wonderful!

Jo said...

Hi! I just popped over for coffee. Your quilt is amazing! So beautiful. And the quilting work is really lovely too. What a wonderful gift for you to give to your sister.

Best wishes,

Diane said...

I stopped in for coffee as well - saw the magic "q" word and had to comment - it is lovely, and I love the daisies in the border! Have you been quilting long?

If you stop by my place, search on "quilt" to see some pictures - nothing too recent, as my inspiration seems to be low.

Reese said...

How I bet you had a great trip all around. Enjoy your weekend!

Thurman8er said...

Welcome home! I seem to be completely unable to get the idea of a McLintock's ribeye out of my mind, thanks to you.

michelle@princessatheart said...

I'd be willing to come to Central CA. I have family in Visalia! How wonderful that you and Rachel Anne got to meet up. I guess it really is a small world after all! And what a wonderful idea for a gift, hope your sister loved it!

CindyC said...

Thanks for the coffee!
What an amazing quilt... That will be a precious gift for your sister.
Glad you got to hang out with our Fearless Company Girl Leader - it sounds like it was quite the lovely visit.
Have a great weekend!

Reese said...

p.s. Thanks for joining our contest!
Hope you win!!

Naomi said...

Hi, your quilt is beautiful!
I'm jealous that you got to meet a company girl in real life! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your prayers. What kind of basketball league does your husband ref for?

mholgate said...

I'm so glad your sister loved the is so beautiful. Quilting takes a lot of do you do it? It's on my "lifetime list of things to learn." I want to learn to quilt, take up knitting again, learn to paint the ocean...all kinds of things that take a lot of time. For this season of life though, my hobbies revolve around my children. Coloring, playing ball, board games, reading etc. It's a wonderful season. I will take advantage of getting 50 points and read my own book for a change this weekend! :)

Have a good one!

secondofwett said...

Oh, your sister must have loved the quilt....I enjoy making them and if anyone ever gave me one I'd be over the moon!

Kerri said...

How fun that you got to meet up with Rachel Anne! Your guilt is BEAUTIFUL!!

Trying to think when I'll be in the San Fran area again (perhaps October) -- but my friend's daughter is transferring to a college in TX so she won't be in Clovis anymore. Bummer!

Have a wonderful weekend -- thanks for stopping by and having coffee with me! :)

Dawn said...

Hi Cheryl! Thanks for the coffee! I am so jealous that you got to meet Rachel Anne! I am not surprised she is just as sweet in person!

That quilt is STUNNING!! I absolutely love it! I am not a traditional quilt lover, so that more modern pattern really appeals to me. As a wedding gift my grandmother wanted to make us a quilt, and so I picked out a falling block pattern and black, white, and grey material. It turned out beautiful and it never leaves our bed. I bet your sister really loved it!

Have a great weekend!

Jensmere said...

Hey Cheryl! Nice to meet you...thanks for stopping by my blog.

Enjoyed visiting your place today. So great that you were able to meet up with Rachel Anne!

Bless you!

Alicia said...

My mom is a quilter too. She's made two for us, and numerous ones for the kids. Yours looks great!

Thanks for stopping by!

I could make you some sugar free truffles, I'm adding sugar free items to my line! LOL

Rachel Anne said...

I LOVED getting to meet you!! Next time, I'll BRING coffee to the gate and we won't wander around DFW...

The quilt turned out amazing. What a wonderful gift! I have some quilts done by my grandmothers, nothing fancy, just the hand-tied variety (don't know if that's what you call it) but they are precious to me. Whenever I am in a fabric store and see all the beautiful quilting fabrics, I get the urge to try and learn it.

I think a SoCal retreat sounds great!! :)

Pink {Aloha Monkey} said...

It's too bad you ladies weren't at the SETAC airport where you can find a Starbuck's at every turn. Beautiful quilt. Definitely NOT clutter.

[I think I own one of the "Island Roots" DVDs. Thanks for stopping by.]

Anonymous said...

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