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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ode to Jeremy Anderson

I'll admit it.  I watch The Bachelorette.  (And yes, that means I also watch The Bachelor.)  And I kept hoping that DeAnna would change her mind and call for Jeremy to come back.  I tell you - if any of my girls bring home a guy HALF as nice as Jeremy, I would be tickled.  Sigh.  If only...


OC Mom said...

Love your playlist. I have "Happy Little Working Song" on my iPod.

I didn't know you were a David Bowie fan. I saw him in concert, twice, during the 1983 China Girl tour.

Danell said...

Oh the Bachelorette! Well, I have not been a watcher of this show until the last 3 weeks. Ever since my Mother sold her house and is in the process of moving she had been coming over to my house every Monday evening to get her weekly dose. I honestly say I found it quite humorous to sit on the sidelines listening to her shrieks and gasps as the remaining guys were dwindled down. I think I got the most entertainment out of watching her! Boy I didn't realize how a 67 year-old could snap into lecture mode to a woman on TV when she didn't pick Jason! I may just have to start watching this show just to watch my Mom!