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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I've been busy

First, DD#2 turned 17 and this is the best picture of her at her party:


(Next year I won't entrust my camera to a teen and count on good birthday pictures.)

Then I've been playing with quilt squares to make some Binkies:



Next, well, we are no longer the Last American Family to Not Own Video Games. We bought a Wii. And I love it. I am terrible at baseball and golf, but you ought to see me box and play tennis! No, not simultaneously.


Then I learned to can. I can. I can can. No, I don't DANCE. But I can now can. It's a messy process that leaves no counter space free.


But the finished product? 19 quarts of nectarines. Aren't they beautiful?! Stop looking at my broken tile. I know it's broken. And one day I will know what I want to replace it with and I will do so!


How did I accomplish it all? Diet Cherry Coke, of course! LOL



Mrs. Joseph Wood said...

Give happy birthday hugs to your girl from Mrs. Wood! It was such a treat to visit your blog tonight. I loved seeing your quilt and canning adventures turning out so wonderful!!! Way to go girl!

Hugs from the Wood family,
Mrs. Joseph Wood

OC Mom said...

You are superwoman! Canning nectarines, sewing baby blankets, and having a teen birthday party all in one day! :)

(I've been busy too, but it's just moving stuff. Hubby suggested today that I can some peaches. Huh?)