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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The fences are down!

I would like to say that this post is about removing spiritual fences that separate us from a closer walk with God; or emotional fences that we may put up with our family.

But's that the construction fences on Clovis' new In-n-Out came down today and we are just THAT much closer to eating Double Doubles 2 miles from home.

Yes, this is a big thing.  Rest assured I will show pictures of my own burger at my earliest convenience.

And to my family that lives in states with no In-n-Out...well...I'm sorry.  But if you come visit, lunch is on me.


Danell said...

No fair! And you said the recipe for my spinach dip made you hungry!

Mrs. Joseph Wood said...

Hey This is Bekah!!

And OH MY GOSH!! That is sooo NOT fair!!! The only In-N-Out over here is in COL!!!! Is that awful or what?! In-N-Out is like MY FAVORITE PLACE IN THE WORLD!!
I wish they had one closer!
Enjoy that hamburger for me m'kay?! :)

Loves N Hugs,

mholgate said...

Hi Cheryl! My name's Melissa from over at Sevenmatters. I left the post on Home Sanctuary about scones. What my husband called "scones" as a kid actually turned out to be more like fried bread. They just called them scones. Anyway, they were still really yummy. He just used a simple, white bread recipe in our breadmaker and put it on the "dough" setting. Then he divided it out into portions and let it rise for about an hour. Then he fried them on the stove in hot oil. (We don't have a deep fryer.) He made honey butter out of one cube of butter and half a cup of honey. A little raspberry jam (for my son who doesn't like honey) and we helped ourselves to a yummy treat! Sorry to disappoint you than they were not what you would call "traditional scones."

By the way, there's a hamburger place my mom used to take me and my sister to as kids that still makes my mouth water. It was called WINS, and their butter burgers are yummmmmmmy!