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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Shame on you, California.

Today saddens me.  We have lived in California for 21 years and the moral compass continues on a downward spiral.  A friend said to me today, "Most people recognize this lifestyle as being wrong" and I had to cut her off and disagree.  I think that many people think today is historic and exciting.

Not me.  I am sad and resting in the peace of the Lord.  I am ready for Him to return.



1 comment:

Danell said...

I too would agree. It sickens me that no matter where you look you are seeing this topic splashed across the newspaper, tv, and internet. Being the mother of 5 it is disheartening that children today are being taught that this lifestyle is acceptable in the mainstream.

Like you, I find my peace in the knowledge that this life is quickly approaching it's rebirth.