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Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Political Musings

A quick blurb caught on TV today by Whoopi Goldberg as she discussed Hillary Clinton's vagueness on what her plans are now:  "...and it pissed me off."  That was heard seconds before clicking the TV off.  (Now, as a PSA, I was going to find the clip of her saying this, but if you Google "Whoopi Goldberg, pissed me off," 12,200 results come up and, frankly, I'm too busy to sift through them today.)

Do we as a nation take political advice from someone who talks like this? (And who, at 52 years of age, really talks like this?  I have friends in their 50's and THEY don't talk like this.) It sounds like something I would hear at a high school football game. Instead, America is eating it up and applauding on national TV. Are you kidding me?

Does Whoopi really have her pissed off finger on the political pulse of this nation? Give me a break. (I felt like John Stossel when I typed that. LOL)



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CrewCrews said...
at 3:36 on the clock. :)