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Saturday, January 5, 2008

I love this picture

On another computer, I have the screensaver set up with a series of pictures from our summer vacation in Cambria, CA. This series always makes me smile, and often literally Laugh Out Loud, remembering the fun times we had. This particular picture (above) is one of my favorites. First, it features DD#4 with a big smile. But secondly, it has DD#2 in the background, watching out for the BEE that was annoying all of us. I love her expression. It got better when said bee landed on her purse. She squealed like a girl. A cheerleader teenager girl. Oh wait - that's just what she is.
Lastly, it reminded me that good memories and smiles are often accompanied by ICE CREAM. I think if really want the world peace we talk about, we should all eat more ice cream. You can't help but smile and feel good.
And let me just put in a shameless plug for Maggie Moo's in Clovis (where DD#2 no longer works) - when they have it, their peppermint ice cream is hands down the best I've ever had.
Come on now, don't you just feel like a bowl? You know you do. Go have some and do your part for world peace.

1 comment:

Thurman8er said...

Please post more pictures because I think you're confused. Those people are not in your family. Your girls are tiny. These are not them.

Running across your blog has made my day. Granted, it's not yet 10:00 and better things may await, but for now, it's all you.