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Friday, January 11, 2008


413. That's how many pennies it now takes to buy one gallon of milk. ONE GALLON OF MILK. OUCH! With 50% of my family being milk drinkers (thank goodness for those of us in the 'other' 50%!), milk may soon become a thing of the past. We still are not zoned for cattle (go figure), so I am left with no other choice than to pay it. But let me tell you, milk rationing begins TODAY at this home.

So milk is more expensive than gasoline, all food prices are up, our new health insurance co-pays are 50% higher than last year, and we are paying more every month for this same health insurance and increased taxes. How does this make sense?

When will the price gouging end???

In spite of my whining, I am blessed, and must put that above the 413.


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