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Monday, December 17, 2007

Public Service Announcement for single women

I learned something that may be valuable (to some) yesterday morning at the grocery store. Early Sunday morning is when the single men shop. Tis true. It seemed like a glorious time for me to do a "big" shop; but it was me, the box boys, and more than enough single men wandering around the store. Now these aren't the hot eligible bachelors a single woman may dream of. These are the middle aged divorcees who are there to buy breakfast ingredients because they forgot they had the kids for the weekend. "Meat market" does not describe the Sunday morning market, that's for sure. As I glanced at the singles, I chuckled (mostly to myself!) and thought how grateful I am to NOT be in the "meat market" game. Oh how nice to drive home to a husband who then helped unload and put away groceries! I wouldn't trade that for a store FULL of single men!

Be blessed,


OC Mom said...

If I knew any single women, I would let them know.

Hey, I'm going to be in Fresno on Friday; can we meet for coffee?

Rick said...

Funny - at the store buying breakfast ingredients - funny and sad. The smucks should have been ready for the weekend visit of their children.