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Saturday, December 22, 2007

NOW we're ready

It's every teenage girl's worst nightmare. For us, that means times four. Yes, we are parents who insist that their kids must have their picture taken with Santa. This buys them room and board for the next year. (Although a lady in line asked if she could be in the picture and come live for free, too.) So here we are at Manchester Mall - where I might add the REAL SANTA can be found during the month of December. (The other months, this REAL SANTA can be found at Caltrans!) His face is shaded because I have a big, fat head, but he really is a good Santa. DD#3 wants me to point out that she's really not fat, it's just the way her [pink] shirt lies. I would like to point out that I'm really a size 4 - I just photograph large. :o) And hubby - well, yes, he meant to look like that. And DD#4 was getting a headache (this is a long-standing theme). DD#1 and DD#2 were just glad to be at the photo point so that dinner could come next. Besides, this beats the days where the kids were screaming with fear of Santa. But there was no bleed and no vomit, so I deemed it was a good picture. NOW Santa can come.

Merry Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Great picture, but hey what's a trip to see Santa without the vomit?? LOL!!!

~moonlady~ /(*_*)\

OC Mom said...

Hey, you look gorgeous. Your head is not fat. :)

My cold is all better. Loved Riverdance although I sniffled through it (tried to hold it in as much as possible, so as not to offend my seatmate).

We had a great Christmas; hope you did, too.