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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cruise - December 2 - 9, 2007

View looking down in the Centrum. Hmm - no wonder I feel dizzy. The ship, Royal Caribbean's Vision of the Seas, was decorated so beautifully for Christmas -garland and Christmas trees everywhere. While on board, Hanukkah began and there were menorahs lit up all around, in addition to Hanukkah services daily.
Now, keeping in mind that I lost 23 pounds prior to the cruise, I would really feel sorry for this poor horse, "Raton," had I NOT lost that much. LOL I'm convinced I'm not really as fat as I look here, or that my bra strap really isn't hanging out of my shirt. But who am I kiddin'? This is the story of my life. Seriously, this horse was like 9' tall and I was fairly close to petrified. Here it just looks like a fat lady riding a burro. Maybe my camera is broken? :o) Anyway, horseback riding on the beaches of Cabo San Lucas is amazing.

Seeing as how we left on my 43rd birthday (I mean 29th!), our cabin steward, Arturo, made me a birthday towel bunny on the first night. He says that usually they don't do animals on the first night. Maybe he was vying for a bigger tip? Arturo was absolutely the BEST! On our last night on the ship when I succumbed to seasickness (aye aye aye), he came in and visited, asking if he could do anything. I miss those twice-daily room cleaning and turn down service with chocolate mints on the pillow. Sigh. It was a good week. :o)

Does it get any better than THIS? Sunset from the ship - somewhere between Los Angeles and Cabo San Lucas.

Too much to write, but I highly recommend this cruise - the ship was very nice and the service was impeccable. The shows were pretty good, but since I have nothing to compare them to, I have no complaints. Besides, who can complain when waiters put your napkin in your lap each night, cut your steak, and remove your lobster tails...THEN bring you chocolate after that!



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OC Mom said...

That's amazing. I've never really had the desire to go on a cruise, but having personal servants really appeals to me, so I'll have to re-think it.