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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Ramblings about my week

1) I learned something new on Tuesday. A bikini top is a shirt. No kidding! At the Clovis Food Maxx (Sunnyside/Shaw), a woman walked in wearing a bikini top that showed more skin than me in my bra (daughter #1 would cringe - she hates words like 'bra' being used so openly). I asked an employee if that counted as a "shirt," as the sign on the door plainly reads: "Shirt and shoes required." The answer was vague. The general consensus is that they didn't want to hurt her feelings and risk her hiring an attorney to fight that her bikini top is a shirt. Instead they lost a $400/month customer. They will be poorer (and I'm sure not care), but I am smarter becuase now I know what I never knew: a bikini top is a shirt. Go figure. How disappointing that they will cater to the person doing wrong, even make excuses for her, for fear she will sue, instead of standing by their own printed rules. Oh wait, I must live in California...

2) Our French student arrived tonight! Marine (pronounced more "Mah-reen") is tiny and has a beautiful smile. We picked up pizza on the way home, ate, swam a bit, and watched a little of a movie (with French subtitles just because I'm that nice), then she went to bed. I expect she will sleep a long time tonight. I tried to give her warning of how crazy busy things were around here - tomorrow she will begin to see what I mean. I hope she's not disappointed with her placement. She brought such lovely gifts for everyone. We are all looking forward to showing her American culture (not the bikini stuff from above) and how a typical American family lives. Saturday we will have my friend Linda and her family + their French student over and we'll celebrate Bastille Day together with our kids.

3) Something else I've learned - when I feel like a member of the opposite sex has played on the emotions of one of my daughters, it's not something that makes me happy. And I much prefer to be happy.

4) Why don't people post comments? Just one of those mysteries, I suppose. I read some blogs with zillions of comments - I get email from friends who say they read something in particular that they liked, yet no comments except from my OC friend. :) Perhaps it's because they're not bloggers and are afraid of that whole "comment" button. I think there's just a whole blog subculture and I'm not connected yet. LOL It's OK, really, it is. I mostly blog for myself anyway since I'm a wannabe writer.

And on that note, DD#1 (yes, the "bra" one) just brought me a custom made peppermint vanilla light frappuccino after getting off work (Starbuck's). It tastes just like my mom's homemade peppermint ice cream, so off I go to devour a few hundred calories before bed.


OC Mom said...

At least the bikini lady didn't bring a dog in. Have you seen that? People bring their little purse dogs into every type of business - we've seen them in grocery stores and in CHURCH! We saw two different dogs on two weekends at this particular church - it was the same church where I was told to throw my Starbucks away before I entered the sanctuary. I can promise I would have been more careful with my coffee than the dog would be with his, umm, bodily functions.

But you're right - bikini tops in public are inappropriate. Sadly, I think we are going to continue to see more & more skin in public.

Anonymous said...

Who messed with one of the girls emotions? Give the name, we will google the addy and let them know this is NOT ok!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am not really anonymous... I thought I had to put that since I am not a blogger... see why I don't post a comment!!! It is me Sharon (I am sure you guessed that)

Anonymous said...

Hmmm.... I never noticed the "Comment Button" until now...

Now you've asked for it!! :) LKC