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Friday, July 6, 2007

Introducing....Maggie Moo's to Clovis! DD#2 is a proud ice cream scooper at Clovis's newest ice cream parlor. Maggie Moo's is right in front of the Criterion theater - couldn't ask for a better location! Last night was free tasting for friends and family and we LOVED it! It is on the pricy side, but for a special treat, it's definitely the place to go. Really - you get what you pay for! Today is official opening day and DD#2 was working the opening. If you're in the area, definitely put this on your list of places to go this summer! Besides, in this heat, you've just got to have something to cool you off.

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OC Mom said...

She looks marvelous. But I must confess that I am partial to the Barista picture. I can't believe I like coffee more than ice cream; that's nuts!