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Saturday, June 16, 2007

This is where the rubber meets the ... wrist?

Aaah - the mail. Snail mail, that is. You never know what it's going to bring. Not two weeks ago I got what is now known as the "rejection letter" which freed me up for another year (yay!). Today's renderings included a padded envelope in the midst of some junk mail. I was momentarily excited, thinking perhaps it would reveal a new CD or book from Amazon. No CD, but definitely something I needed more and ordered for myself and the girls. Ordered about two months or so ago! The return label read "" "Oh yeaaaahhhh! The purple rubber wrist bands I heard about on Oprah!" The idea is that it takes 21 days to create a new habit. In an effort to rid the world of complaints, people are encouraged to wear these bracelets, switching from one wrist to the other each time they complain, gossip or criticize. Now, keeping in mind that the mail arrived TODAY, I have worn mine for approximately 7 hours at this point. I have lost track of how many times I have had to change wrists! I didn't realize I was such a whiner!!! (Those of you reading who DID know I am a complainer, please don't make the effort to comment and tell me! LOL) This is gonig to be hard for a number of reasons. Topping the list is that I really don't like the feel of rubber on my wrist (yes, I just changed wrists!) and I am not a big bracelet wearer anyway. That aside, I will press on. My immediate short-term goal is to get through an HOUR without having to change wrists. The bracelets are free, but a 'love offering' is requested and they also included a SASE in my shipment. Feel up to the challenge? Use the link above and join me in doing my share to rid the world of whining! :o)

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