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Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As seen in the Target parking lot last week:0308101136-00

Really?  You couldn’t have just gone a couple of inches further? (And yes, the cart fit.  I know this because I put it away.)

Shaking my head…


Anonymous said...

Yup, I've seen this before. And I do end up putting carts away too. It's really not that hard. And how about litter by trash cans? Esp. paper towels in public restrooms.

mholgate said...

That's funny. I parked a cart like that today, but it's because Albertsons' cart holders aren't wide enough. In the past though, I have taken the kid carts all the way back and walked back to the car with my kids because I know how much moms appreciate the special cart being there when they need it. :) (i.e. when you have super tired kids that don't want to walk!)

Mrs. Joseph Wood said...

Cheryl, you always make me smile! You see things in life that I just miss...maybe because I am trying to make sure I have done a head count and all ten children, the right children, are in my car and ready to leave the store when I start backing out. :-)
Love ya!
Mrs. Joseph Wood